Lulu and the Brontosaurus

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by Judith Viorst;  illustrated by Lane Smith; Published (2012) by Atheneum Books

Judith Viorst, in her unique and utterly excellent writing style, has penned a tale that is just plain cutesy.  Lane Smith’s green-toned pencil on pastel drawings are fresh and expressive.  And I like the very unusual slender book shape.

Our heroine, spoiled and only child, Lulu, has never had to say ‘please’ because mom and dad give her everything.  When Lulu’s birthday comes around, Lulu wants a brontosaurus for a pet.  For once, mom and dad stand firm and Lulu absolutely HATES hearing  NO.  And because she absolutely hates hearing NO, she sallies off into the forest in search of a brontosaurus, singing her brontosaurus song and with a suitcase full of useful things.  She whops a snake good along the way, too, in her truculent, snooty Lulu-fighting fashion, and ditto for Bear and Tiger. But the brontosaurus is one tough nut.

“A pet,” says the brontosaurus, “is a very good thing.”  Meaning that LULU will make a very good pet for HIM.  Lulu has a problem.  She has never been a pet before and being entirely rude is no way to sway the bronto.  By and by, pet life wears our poor Lulu down and has to learn to resort to niceness; at last she tackles this challenge with a smart and considerate win-win solution and, best of all, she learns to say a very nice please.

A lovely, well-paced chapter book that I highly recommend.  Judith Viorst is an outstanding writer.  I love that Judith Viorst!




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