Scaredy-Cat Splat!

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SCAREDY- CAT, SPLAT!  – View on Amazon

by Rob Scotton; published  (2010) by HarperCollins Publishers

There’s no humour without good timing and Rob Scotton has both.

A very cute story made wonderful by its illustrations.

As with all of the Splat series, nothing ever works out as clumsy Splat the cat hopes it will.  But his misadventures always turn out for the best.

This time it’s Halloween.  The ever loveable and always frazzled Splat hopes to win the prize for the scariest Halloween costume at school.  He dresses up as a spider, but Spike, dressed as a mummy and Plank, dressed as a skeleton, are both some competition.  They don’t bat an eye at Splat’s scary spider face, but they scare the bejeebers out of  HIM!  In class, everyone has scary-faced jack-o’-lanterns; Splat’s makes everyone laugh.  This is not good.  Splat is worried.  Until, of course, stuff happens.  Stuff that you will have to read the book to know about.  And I suspect you’ll enjoy it.

(It’s no wonder Splat the cat is such a bestseller.  You cannot help but love him!)


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