That Pesky Dragon

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by Julia Sykes; illustrated by Melanie Williamson; published (2007) by Tiger Tales

Oh, I love this cute book!  I found it on sale in a booktore several years ago and bought it not only for its charming text but especially for its happy and quirky illustrations.  A very nice read-aloud book.

What’s going on with that pesky dragon? Lizzie’s dad has a farm.  And on that farm there are plenty of the usual critters – you know, a herd of cows, a goat, a flock of sheep, some chickens, two dogs and three cats.  And all’s fine until the dragon comes along. Lizzie can hear its fierce roar coming from the top of the hill.  There’is no way of getting rid of that dragon, either; he causes all manner of mischief.  The morning eggs are rock hard.  “It’s that pesky dragon,” says Grandpa., angrily. “It’s fiery breath has hard-boiled the eggs!”

He turns the cows’ milk to yogurt.  “It’s that pesky dragon’s fault.” says Mom.  “Its roaring has scared the cows and turned their milk to yogurt.”

But when his fiery breath turns the crop of wheat to burned toast, dad has had it.  He calls REMOVE-A-DRAGON.

Lizzie is horrified. She’s had a hunch all along that there is more to that terrible roar than meets the ear. And it turns out there is, too.  You’ll have to read the book to find out, but here’s a hint:  with the right attitude, hot milk, boiled eggs and toast can be very nice on a cold morning.


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