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NOTHING View on Amazon  by Jon Agee;  published (2007) by Hyperion Books for Children

I don’t think I’ve ever read a book by Jon Agee I didn’t enjoy. NOTHING (a parody of ‘me too’ consumerism) has a funny story line that has the grown ups thinking and the kids just having a good time.

Otis the shopowner has sold his last antique when Suzie Gump, the richest lady in town, walks in.

“Now, what’s for sale?” asks Suzie Gump.

And when Otis says, “Nothing,” Suzie who has everything immediately wants to buy it.

“I have a lot of things,” says Suzie, “But I’ve never had nothing!  I’ll pay you three hundred dollars!”

The shopkeepers across the street are incredulous. They’re ready when Suzie comes back the next day.

‘Yer in luck, miss.  I have the finest in nothing.” “I have nothing imported.  Nothing from Italy!  Nothing from China!” What a riot!   Suzie Gump buying nothing as if it was something, has set a trend.  Clients are clamouring for all the nothing they can get, and nothing is selling so well that, in order to make room for more nothing, people have to get rid of something.

All of their somethings end up with Otis whose store now holds more things than ever. One week later, Suzie Gump is taking a bath. “Rosie, could you fetch me a towel?” “There is no towel, madam.” “What about a bathrobe?” “There is no bathrobe, madam.  There is nothing,” “Nothing won’t do.  I need something right now!  Bring the car around to the front.” “There is no car, madam.”

With Suzie Gump needing something, you can pretty much guess it’s going to be another lucky day for Otis. If you haven’t got a thing to read, why not read NOTHING?  Jon Agee’s NOTHING is really quite something!


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