A Hen for Izzy Pippik

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A HEN FOR IZZY PIPPIK –  View on Amazon

by Aubrey Davis; illustrated by Marie Lafrance; published (2012) by Kids Can Press 

The first thing that attracted me to this book was its title – what a great name, Izzy Pippik!  What clinched it is when I saw its author – Aubrey Davis.  I just had to get my hands on it.  A retelling from “the Babylonian Talmud and the Hadith of the Prophet Mohammed”, Aubrey Davis, an excellent writer, is in my opinion the best reteller of tales there is.

Who knew, in Shaina’s town, where times are tough and people have little to spend, that a hen come pecking at Shaina’s toe is about to turn things around?

BEEYAK! A hen of emerald feathers and golden speckles!  Shaina finds a sign which reads:  IZZY PIPPIK:  CHICKENS AND EGGS.

“We can’t eat her!” she tells her parents.  “She belongs to Izzy Pippik!”

Everyone waits for Izzy.  Months pass, but no Izzy to claim the hen.  No Izzy to claim its eggs. Or its chicks. Or their chicks, or their chicks.  And in the meanwhile, Shaina’s mama is disgruntled, and the townsfolk, hot and hungry, eye the hundreds of chickens flapping around in the market.  But Shaina holds firm. They are Izzy Pippik’s chickens.

She is labelled “a hard-headed nuisance,” but drawn to the sight of such a flock, curious sightseers roll in by the busload.  They leave with shopping bags bursting with merchandise.  This is great business!  The townsfolk change their tune.

“Your chickens make us so happy,” they sing.  What a shock when Izzy Pippik arrives!

“Please don’t take our chickens! They’ve brought us such good fortune!” they holler.

Whose chickens are they?  The town’s or Izzy’s?

Ilustrated in soft greens and blues by Quebec illustrator Marie Lafrance, she’s created a fresh and appealing world, a nice complement to a gentle tale about doing the right thing even when it isn’t popular.


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