The Incredible Painting of Felix Clousseau

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by Jon Agee;  published (1988) by Farrar, Strauss, Giroux

Talk of life-like paintings!  Felix Clousseau’s actually comes to life!

The unknown painter submits a painting in the Royal Palace Grand Contest of Art, in Paris.  Competing with celebrated artists such as Gaston du Stroganoff, Felicien CaffayOllay, and Alphonse LeCamembair, Clousseau’s rendition of a duck causes some serious outrage amongst the judges, until the impossible happens and the painting goes QUACK!

At once, the extraordinary Clousseau is hailed a genius and wins the Grand Prize.  He is the toast of the town.  But the good luck is quickly followed by chaos.  All over Paris his paintings come to life.  The Sleeping Boa Constrictor, owned by a baroness, awakes. Scenes of waterfalls flood homes and paintings of volcanoes erupt.  All over Paris, the public is furious and Clousseau is sent to prison!

….. Meanwhile, a notorious thief is on the loose.  He’s in the King’s Palace to steal the crown – the crown, sitting just below a very special painting.  A painting that – oui! – will save the day!  Clousseau is made a hero!  He’s released from prison!  And awarded the Medal of Honor!  His reaction?  Absolutely priceless!

A sophisticated theme (life imitates art and the fickleness of public opinion), but it’s an easy read and a really good story.


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