Misery Moo

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by Jeanne Willis; illustrated by Tony Ross; published (2003) by Andersen Press

MISERY MOO.  Given its cover, you would think it might be sad or depressing but it is a  humourous, heartwarming parable about positive thinking.

Misery Moo, an inveterate droopy-headed sourpuss, cannot see the bright side to anything.  Her friend, the bouncy lamb, is quite the opposite.  He’s as cheerful as they come.

“What’s up with you, Misery Moo?”

And invariably, Misery Moo responds miserably.

It’s raining.  Sniff.  Same old view.  Sniff, sniff.  It’s winter.  Father Christmas is too jolly!  Poor Moo!  Her misery is so contagious that despite little lamb’s efforts to cheer her up, and despite his sunniest disposition, he gets a serious case of the blues.  He decides to never see the old cow again.

Soon, the cow began to miss the lamb’s happy face, and went to look for him. To her surprise, he was sitting in a muddy puddle, looking very unhappy indeed.”

A good payback and a good lesson for Moo.  The next time I have the blues, I’ll have to remember how dreary a ‘dreary me’ can be.

P.S.  Tony Ross’s illustrations are PERFECTLY ADORABLE!!


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