Mrs. Gaddy and the Ghost


MRS. GADDY and the GHOST – View on Amazon

by Wilson Gage; illustrated by Marilyn Hafner; published (1979) by Greenwillow Books.

Dear, rosy-cheeked Mrs. Gaddy has a very nice farm.  She has fields of corn and a vegetable garden. She has a meadow and apple trees, a storm cellar if a tornado happens, some chickens and a cow and a mule. There is only one trouble.  Her little old house is haunted. That ghosty thing is in the kitchen, making awful noises at night.  It keeps the poor old Gaddy awake, and she has to find a way to get rid of it.

She sweeps it out.  But, “Drat and double drat!” – sweeping doesn’t work.

She tries to spray it with bug spray, but, “Oh, my stars!” – to no avail.

When it gets in the oven, she makes a fire to cook it. But, “Oh, tarnation!” – the ghosty thing gets out!

She churns it into butter but, “Oh, my stars and garters!” – foiled again!  Then the mousetrap fails and Mrs. Gaddy, as a very last resort, has a great idea.

Maybe I can get rid of that ghost the way my grandmother taught me to get rid of rats and mice!”

And, indeed, that definitely does the trick. But, “Oh, good gravy!” and “Oh, forevermore!”  – something awful happens to make our Mrs. Gaddy change her mind.  What could that awful something be?

MRS. GADDY AND THE GHOST is an old book with a timeless appeal, another of my very, very favourites.  I cannot imagine a more perfect Mrs. Gaddy than Marilyn Hafner’s and  I give it 5 “oh-my-stars” and I will love it “oh, oh, oh, forevermore!”

Luckily, you can still find Mrs. Gaddy on Amazon, with one click here!


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