The Mellops Go Diving For Treasure

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by Tomi Ungerer; published (2011) by Phaidon Press

More of  the Mellops, my favourite pig family!  And this time they are diving for treasure!

In an old trunk in his attic Mr. Mellops finds a fortuitous note penned  by his ancestor, le Capitaine Gédéon Simon Mellops, and it tells of a raging battle and a sunken shipload of gold.

“My goodness!  I wonder whether that treasure is still there?” exclaims Mr. Mellops.

He and his darling piglets Felix, Isidor, Casimir and Ferdinand set out to sea.  They have gold on their mind (plus diving equipment and a rented steamer).  Alas, there is  a dangerous octopus living in the sunken ship.  Thank goodness, he is not fond of music and a lovely merpig comes along to lead him away and charm him to sleep.

Alas, they are low on oxygen and a storm above the waters has sunk their boat.  Fortunately Mr. Mellops finds a makeshift solution and off they go with the makeshift solution AND the coveted chest of treasures.  Alas! There is nothing in it but a map and a compass!  What a break!  On the map is a place marked by a cross and they find their trove!

Oh, dear, they are stranded on an island with nothing to buy!  Thank goodness for that ship on the horizon!

How sad!  After taxes and paying for the storm-sunken steamer, there is nothing left to speak of.  Oh, well, there is always Mrs. Mellops’ ever-delicious cream cake!

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