This Is Not My Hat


THIS IS NOT MY HAT – View on Amazon

by Jon Klassen; published (2012) by Candlewick Press

Hats off to Jon Klassen, I think he pulled off a great book. Because it’s not your usual kind of children’s story and the illustrations beautifully complement the action.

We follow little fish swimming his way into hiding after quite shamelessly stealing a hat belonging to a really BIG fish.  The build-up of the most amusing visual and textual tension is perfect and NOT easy to do.  Where is little fish going after stealing the hat?

I am going where the plants grow big and tall and close together.  It is very hard to see in there.  Nobody will ever find me.  There is someone who saw me already.” (A crab.)  But he said he wouldn’t tell anyone which way I went.” (The snitch!)  “So I am not worried about that.”  (Right!)

In the meantime, big fish has opened an eye.  He rolls it upward.  Uh-oh.  He seems to know exactly where to go and the dense tangle of plants is no obstacle.

Nobody will ever find me,” says little fish.


What happens to little fish is left to the reader’s imagination and I like that.  The darkness of this watery world adds to the suspense of this very appealing book.  I truly loved it.

Have a look at the trailer,  here.


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