HippoSpotamus is fun, fun, fun!


HIPPOSPOTAMUS – View on Amazon

by Jeanne Willis; illustrated by Tony Ross; published (2012) by Andersen Press.

A rhyming book and a whole lotta silly fun!  Hippopotamus has a spotamus on her bottomus. but whatever could  it be?

“It’s measels,” says the Weasel. “You sat in a breezle and caught a diseasel. 

“It’s Hippopox!” says the Fox. But Beaver says it’s Jungle Fever, Lion says it’s Hippolumps, Shrew believes it’s Potomumps and if Rhino says it’s Hippoflu, really, no one has a clue. Oh, dear, what will spotty hippo do?

She’ll scrub her skin with icky soot, from “..noseymus to footimus, but the spotamus stayed put.”

She’ll get a shot from Croc the Doc but despite the “perfect shotamus”  – rot! the shot’s for naught!

“It’s a blister,”  says her sister.

For goodness’ sake, “You clottamus!”  says the acerbated Snake.  “Cut out chippochoccomus, eat lettuce for a week.”  Still  “… the spot on Hippo’s bottomus stuck firmly to her cheek.” 

Will the spotty on her botty ever, ever leave?  The ending may delight you, and then again may not (’cause it’s a yecchy fulsome finish to that stubborn sticky spot!)

HOWEVER, it’s a lively book and it’s hilarious and good enough to forgive the ending.  On a scale of 0 to the full 5-ottomus,  I give it the maximottamus.  (Plus, Ross’ illustrations are the perfect complimottamus.)

Other books by Ross and Willis: 

The positively depressing and absolutely adorable  Misery Moo.


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