Russell the Sheep (who couldn’t sleep)

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RUSSELL THE SHEEP – View on Amazon

by Rob Scotton;  published (2005) by Harper Collins Children’s Books

RUSSELL THE SHEEP is an adorable book about an adorable sheep named Russell.

He lives in Frogsbottom Field. It’s been a long and busy day in Frogsbottom Field. Grandma sheep’s been knitting. The cuddly flock has lazed and grazed. Everyone’s down for some restful zzzz’s …. except for Russell.

Russell cannot fall asleep.

Is it not dark enough, he wonders?  Down goes his woolly hat over his eyes, but – oooooh! –  the really dark really scares him!  Is it too hot?  Off comes his woolly sheepskin (and he’s looking SO dapper in dotted undies) but – brrrrrr! – the night is VERY drafty!

Perhaps a new place?  The trunk of a car is too cramped!  The hollow of a tree is too creepy.  The bird-covered branch is way too crowded!  What’s a sheep to do?

There is always the tried and true like counting things.  Counting his own four feet and the six hundred million billion and ten stars in the sky and each and every snoozing sheep in the field!  Ah…

“Still awake,” he sighs.

Goodness, is there anything left to count?  There is.  Something very important that Russell forgot. The whole book will make you chuckle (the illustrations alone make it worth the while) and you will at last…see Russell …..yawn…….get his share of ……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

Good night, Russ. You’ll be waking up to five bright and twinkly stars from me, your new best fan forever…..

Where did Rob Scotton get the idea for Russell the Sheep?  He tells the story behind the story of his very first winning character creation… right here :  The beginning – according to Rob!


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