The Princess and the Packet of Frozen Peas

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by Tony Wilson; illustrated by Sue deGennaro; published (2009) Peachtree Publishers

It was the fresh, fun cover that attracted me to this one AND its cool title too!

Prince Henrik wants very much to fall in love and get married.

His brother, Prince Hans, has some very good advice to give.

“The important thing is to make sure she is a real princess,” says his brother, Prince Hans. “A real princess is very beautiful and very sensitive.”

He advises to stack twenty mattresses and twenty eiderdown quilts and put a single pea at the bottom of the mattress.  And, “If a girl complains about feeling the pea through the mattresses and eiderdown quilts, she must be a real princess.” 

After all, that’s how Hans met his wife, Princess Eva.  But Princess Eva is always frowning and being sensitive about EVERYTHING.  Her princess tennis balls are too bouncy, her new sports car isn’t the one she wanted and the palace maids are not doing their job! A princess doesn’t have to be beautiful, decides Henrik. She just has to like hockey and camping and have a nice smile.

So he hatches a plan to find the perfect UNREAL princess.  He offers each of his stay-over guests one thin camping mattress rather than twenty real ones.  Instead of eiderdown quilts he offers one old sleeping bag.  Instead of a single pea it’s a whole packet of frozen peas.  THAT’S  a test!  And not a single princess passes.

“You won’t believe this, I found PEAS in my bed.”

“I couldn’t sleep at all, I found a massive lump under the mattress.”

“What’s the deal with the PACKET TO FROZEN PEAS?”  complains another.

It is QUITE the challenge to find that UNREAL princess.  And a lovely idea for a book with a nice modern twist on the old classic – just the kind of book I wish I’d read as a little girl !

If you’d like to know what its author, Tony Wilson, has to say about THE PRINCESS AND THE FROZEN PEAS,  here it is.


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