Big Plans is a big hit with me!

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BIG PLANS – View on Amazon

by Bob Shea; illustrated by Lane Smith;  published (2008) by Hyperion Books for Children

I’m always drawn to bold, unusual books with unusual plots and offbeat illustrations. And BIG PLANS fits the bill to a T.

A BIG book with BIG pictures and EVEN BIGGER action, BIG PLANS is a marvel and a hit with me. Crackling with humour, booming with personality – if you’re buying, it’s one big bang for your buck.

Believe it or not, BIG PLANS is about a little boy without a name. He isn’t feeling very big, sitting time-out, in the classroom, in the corner, facing the wall.  He’s been a bad boy, judging by the writing on the board….

…. What I say does not go.  I am not the boss of the class….It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice…

And now he’s mad and really scheming. Soon, the entire world will know of his big plans.  So big he’ll   “…need Dad’s shiniest tie and fanciest shoes…

So big he will fly a copter, score with the local team, declare himself mayor, and oust the president!  Then he’ll build a rocket and fly to the moon!   “…in the night sky for all to see, it will say….I GOT BIG PLANS!  BIG PLANS, I SAY!”

His imagination takes us far, to high places and low places, as he threatens the sorry, sorry world with his BIG and BIGGER plans.  It is a story that is funny and quirky and brilliant; a book that doesn’t miss a beat.  In my opinion, a perfect book.  Does the world not yet know of BIG PLANS?  It is really THAT good.

Author Shea has a website.

Illustrator Lane Smith has done the book absolute justice in a really big way.  The art is all big and wonderful.  He has a website, check it out.

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