One Cool Friend is one cool book!


ONE COOL FRIEND – view on Amazon

by Toni Buzzeo; illustrated by David Small; published (2012) by Dial Books for Young Readers

ONE COOL FRIEND by very cool author Toni Buzzeo is my kind of quality book!  I came across it quite by chance while browsing on Amazon.  Well written.  Intelligent.  Simply and artfully illustrated (mostly two-tone and soft colored and somewhat reminiscent of the Eloise books), it’s a real charmer.

Who is Elliot’s cool friend?  It’s an honest to goodness penguin.

Elliot, a very dapper proper young man dressed in a dapper proper young man’s tuxedo, is always very polite. So when his father says, “Family Fun Day at the aquarium….”  Elliot very politely says, “Of course.  Thank you for inviting me.”

At the aquarium he finds a pool full of very proper penguins who, with their tidy feather tuxedos and proper postures, remind Elliot of himself.

“May I please have a penguin?” says Elliot to his dad (meaning may he have a REAL penguin).

“Sure,” says his dad, eyeing the plush penguins on sale in the giftshop.

So Elliot and Magellan the REAL penguin have a wonderful time.  They skate in Elliot’s ultra chilled air-conditioned room; they eat goldfish crackers and anchovy frozen pizza. But when Elliot puts Magellan in the tub, trouble comes along and that trouble is none other than Dad deciding to have a soak.

“I think I’ll have a bit of a soak,”  says Dad.

Worried?  Don’t be.  The surprise ending is on the reader, and a very cool ending it is.  One Cool Friend is a low key and beautifully paced book that is pure pleasure reading from beginning to end.

David Small has illustrated a great number of books, and authored a few good ones himself.  Get to know David  here.

And the very talented Toni Buzzeo here.


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