About Bookstork Buzz

I love picture books. They’re fun, they make you smile and laugh and often surprise you. They get you thinking, keep you young at heart (at least for the time of a read) and they spoil you with art and color. They’re the good, happy times with your kids and the memories of being read to are truly the best memories I will ever have.

This is why Bookstork Buzz is a blog of praise (I will never knock a book and write only about the ones I’ve loved), because writing is not easy. A picture book is a simple read, never a simple write.  Try pulling off a complete story in 600 words, one with a funky plot a child can relate to. A plot with humour and timing, with attitude and an ending that is oh, so satisfying. Do it drawing from the smallest pool of easy words and, if you get so far, bring your piece to life with spicy and surprising illustrations and you’ll have a book and THAT will be an accomplishment.

If you really love a book, don’t you just want to talk about it?  I hope you’ll find the books I blog about as interesting to read as I did.

Feel free to leave a comment at any time.  Please!


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