Beauty and the Beaks: a turkey’s cautionary tale

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by Mary Jane and Herm Auch; published (2008) by Holiday House

Chock-full of chuckles and wonderful play on words, Beauty and the Beaks is an egg-citing, original adventure. Author Mary Jane wrote the story and did an egg-cellent job sculpting the characters out of clay. Her husband Herm took the pictures and put the book together on the computer.  The end result is a dandy story about a turkey just in for a special feast.

“…. a very eggsclusive event,” he says. “There’s only one bird invited.  ME!”

That’s enough to pique Beauty’s curiosity (Beauty is the owner of the Chic Hen beauty shop) who will sleuth around to find out why.

 “Lance!  You ARE the feast!” cries Beauty.

He is the centerpiece, in fact, and he’s going to be stuffed with chestnuts!  Poor Lance!  Wattle he do?

“My life is about to eggspire!” blubbers Lance.

“Don’t chicken out now,” says Beauty.  “We’ll hide you.”

The farmyard chickens get busy hiding Lance as only Beauty knows how. I have to say the outrageous illustrations are a great part of the book’s appeal. If you’re looking for a fun and funny book, this book is fun and very funny.  I wholeheartedly egg you on to read it; you can egg-spect to have a good time with this one.