Leonardo the Terrible Monster

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by Mo Willems; published (2005) by Hyperion Books for Children

What a surprise!  A monster who’s TERRIBLE at being a monster. This monster can’t scare anyone!

He doesn’t have 1,642 teeth like Tony. He isn’t big like Eleanor. And not the least bit wierd like Hector. What’s a creature to do?

Easy. Find a scaredy-cat kid and scare the tuna salad out of him!  It takes a bit of research, but the unlucky target is puny, moony, sourfaced Sam. Is poor unsuspecting Sam the perfect candidate?  Not quite (as Leonardo is about to find out), and the ending is a darling dénouement to a monstrous dilemma.

As usual, the illustrations are GREAT. Sam the unsuspecting is a laughable googly-eyed kid; Leonardo’s facial expressions are spot on. And Mo’s personality shines again.

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