Walter the Baker

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WALTER THE BAKER – View on Amazon

by Eric Carle; reprint edition published (1998)  by Aladdin Books.

A book about one of my favourite topics – breads!

Walter the baker’s delectable rolls are a hit, a favourite of the Duke and Duchess who rule over the Duchy.

“Mmm…!” raves the Duchess.  “Ahhh…!” cries the Duke.

Until the fateful morning when Walter’s can of milk tips over.  Sweet rolls without milk? Impossible!  Walter substitutes water, but  “Ech!” cries the Duchess.

“What is this?” roars the Duke.  “Where is Walter the Baker?  Bring him here at once!”

Yes, the  Duke takes the roll thing a tad too seriously and the error is unforgivable. Walter will have to redeem himself or be banished from the Duchy forever!  The Duke orders Walter to bake a roll  “…through which the rising sun can shine three times…” AND decides the spoiled, irate Duke, made from a single piece of dough – go figure!

Will Walter the Baker meet the challenge?  Is it good-bye Duchy forever?

A ridiculous fuss over a poorly made roll, but I loved this original tale about the fictitious origins of the pretzel.  Carle’s unique style of illustrating is smart and cozy and colorful, and so quaint it adds to the fun.

If you like Eric Carle, you can check out his official website here.

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